2006 Chevy Impala Stuck Rotors


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2006 Chevy Impala Stuck Rotors

I tried to change the brakes and rotors on this car. The rotors wouldn't budge. Tried a hammer and a torch, no help. How do you remove stuck rotors?
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The calipers came off but the rotors are stuck to the hubs ?
Front or rear ?

GM used to use clips on the studs to hold the rotors in place on the assembly line. I'd imagine that your rotors have already been replaced at least once.

You should be able to whack the back side of the rotor with a small sledge to break the rust loose.
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Some have a screw that holds them in place, have you checked for that? Rotors are normally much easier than drums.

Nope...autozone mentions nothing about that. I'd suggest PB Blaster and a bigger hammer.
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Bigger hammer and PB blaster over night. I have had some I had to wack pretty hard.
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Front rotors rust to hubs. Very common on Honda and Toyota cars. Take hefty hammer and hit it strong right between the studs. Careful, don't hit studs.
Rotate rotor some and hit again. After 4-5 strikes like this rotor pops off.
Rear ones if they wobblke but won't come off, they are stuck on parking shoes.
When you reinstall front ones, put layer of antiseize between hub and new rotor.
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Drill 2 holes through the rotor and just into the hub. The drill diameter should be for a 10-32 thread. The holes should be 180 degrees apart at a radius that has the holes in the center of the hub. Alternately, tap each hole in the rotor, going a little deeper each time. The tip of the tap should start backing off the rotor when it hits the hub. An alternative is to use two 10-32 screws with a ground point on the end. Drill and tap the new rotor before installing so removal is a snap next time. Good luck.
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