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I have a 1994 saturn SL2 4dr that has power everything Besides the Driver Power window going out, I have a big problem. The sunroof just got stuck - and of course it is open. It doesn't sound like it has any power when trying to close but of course it can open a little farther - duh I tried. Being that I am in South Florida, an open sunroof attracts rain. Is there any way I can close it manually until I get it to the shop? TIA
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Check the owner's manual. If there is a manual bypass, it will be listed in there.

Sometimes, there's a plug in the headliner that you remove and the car maker furnishes a tool that you can use to manually crank it shut.

Barring that, time to whip out the tarp .
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I got lucky! Someone told me to wipe down the track and "wiggle" any of the track that would wiggle and it did the trick. He said that because it was sooo hot 90+ black car, that the sun might have made the track or some of the goop sticky enough to prevent the mechanism from sliding close. I thik I got lucky - car cooled in the parking garage and I was able to close. Don't think I'll open it again until after the spring showers Thanks for your reply!
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wow, old thread.

on a similar note, my sunroof opens a fraction of an inch and then stops. it closes just fine. any ideas?

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