99 Cavalier Shut Down while driving, can't find problem


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99 Cavalier Shut Down while driving, can't find problem

99 cavalier. Was driving about 40mph. All lights came up on dash when it shut down. No sputter no warning. Brake pedal hard, steering was tight. Won't restart.

Checked fuses. Didn't overheat. Fuel filter clean, blew out gas when we did a quick start, so the pump is working. It has oil gas transmission fluid. Fuses intact. Has a spark.

Cranks but won't start. Has normal power, lights radio etc all bright. Main relay looks good.

At a total loss, can someone help?
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Welcome to the forums.

That leaves the injectors inoperative. That will require you to scan for codes to see what's missing. Some vehicles use a crankshaft position sensor or a camshaft position sensor and that could cause your problem.

Since it won't start you may need to borrow or buy an inexpensive OBD-II code reader.
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Stopped While Driving

Had a Buick that did what you described. Turned out to be bad ECM. Local mechanic who was good at electronic diagnostics found the problem and installed new ECM and programmed the ECM and my ignition keys. Not necessarily a DIY job.
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Thank you for the welcome, I haven't done a code check since I couldn't get to parts store, I'll update with codes. Thank you very much, don't know why I didn't think of that.
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Yes,I think I'm out of my league with computer/electrical. Mechanics I can do, the other not so much. Thank you.
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It's catastrophic failure. Somewhere in electronics.
Fortunately, you have timing chain, not belt, so that is out of concern.
"bright" lights actually means very little, as starter draws a lot of amperage to start.
If you tried cranking a few times without start, you likely also have plugs flooded with petrol, so you need to take them out, burn with propane torch white hot, and then try starting again.
This will also show you if you have fuel supply to them.
If no start again OR no start from a jump running car - I am afraid to agree with wirepuller - bad timing coming from either bad ECM or one of dem sensors.
ECM is not that hard to replace by itself, they are plug and play, only very expensive.
Please, do read codes, it's a good starting point. If no stored, it's tedious research to find what happened.
Handling No Trouble Code Problems

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