Rotational Noises with braking


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Rotational Noises with braking

Everyone's favorite topic, potential brake noises. I haven't seen anything exactly like this in the forum, so I thought I would post. 2008 Mazda6, 130k miles. Rear brakes and rotors have 55k on them. Fronts only 15k. No squeaking or groaning when stopping.

When driving, especially under 40 mph, I can hear a slight metallic rubbing "wom wom wom" noise which directly speeds up or slows down with speed. It fades away into road noise at higher speeds, because the wheel is rotating too fast. Also, when I lightly press the brakes, this noise becomes MUCH louder and again, follows the speed of the car. So I am thinking it is brake related and not bearings, etc. Any ideas? Warped rotor? Bad brake pad?

Lastly, and this may or may not be related at all (I am not a car expert). With visual inspection, one of the rear rotors is always perfectly shiny on the wear surface, even after short drives, whereas the others are not. That wheel is also much hotter - lug nuts too hot to touch after long drives. It's almost as if it's always touching the pad.

Ideas? Thanks.
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Overheating rotor.
Seizing caliper OR pads guides are not lubricated and the caliper is not moving freely on guides.
There is nothing you will guess even half way right without taking each wheel off and doing thorough inspection of pads, amount of wear inner vs outer, how easily cliper slides on pins. Bent dust shield. Objects stuck somewhere.
Stop guessing. Gid id done.
Also, who told you rotor has to be nice and shiny? Good broken in rotor is slightly grayish i tint and sort of dull.

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