2004 Lincoln Navigator Liftgate issue


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2004 Lincoln Navigator Liftgate issue

Every time I start the engine I get a message " Liftgate Ajar" When I investigated I found out that the big glass window on the back - which is part of the liftgate- does not lock. The latch remains in the OPEN position. Could this be the reason why I am getting this message ? Also, why is it not locking ? Does it have a separate switch that I am missing ? Thanks
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I don't know about the locking issue, but I suspect the ajar message would be a switch. Look all around the door jamb for a switch, likely a small round rubber piece with the switch mechanism hidden.
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Does your Navigator have an owner's manual ?
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The use of separate switches was very popular. Now you'll find there are no visible switches and that they are built right into the latch mechanism.

The latch remains in the OPEN position.
So that means the glass is not latched in place.... it could open while you are driving ?

There is the latch that holds the glass closed.
Then there is the lock that keeps the window from being unlatched.
Since the latch isn't working..... that where you need to focus your attention.

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