Grinding noise when steering wheel is turned


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Grinding noise when steering wheel is turned

I have a 2007 Honda CR-V (at only 42,000 miles) that has just started making this whir/grinding noise when I am turning. Because road noise is less pronounced at low speeds, I am better able to hear it when I am going slow, but that might not mean it's not present at higher speeds. I think I heard it at 40mph, too. It seems to be better when the car is cool and worse after a longer drive. It is also present, but only slightly, when straight, and worse when turning. It persists when I am at a stop if my steering wheel is still turned. (I read that this may rule out CV joint issues?) The power steering fluid is not low. In fact, it looks slightly high.

I plan to take it in to a mechanic but just wanted to get an idea of what I might be facing. I was JUST getting ready to sell this car.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
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sounds like most likely an issue with the power steering although maybe a possible belt or tensioner problem.
even though its full of fluid it could be getting air in the system do to a leaking o ring if there is a lot of air bubbles in the reservoir with the engine running there may be a technical service bulletin on it would check with your dealer.
other issues could be bad pump or rack causing noise.
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Any turn? Or left turn only?
CR-Vs 2nd generation, as that what you have, had engine placed too close to the pass side fenderwell. As the result, in sharp L turn, one of the pulleys will actually grind on the metal.
Honda had TSB issued and I fixed this on my 2004 V. Was about 10 minute fix. Basically what you do, you loosen 2 engine mount nuts on the pass side and trannie mount one on the driver side, have helper place large pry bar between pass side fender and pulley, with some wood inbetween not to harm anything, and prying power train all the way to the driver side. Then, still under tension, tighten the nuts. It's two strong men job.
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