Boat Trailer Wiring


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Boat Trailer Wiring

2012 Nissan Quest

Son owns this and we need to install a receiver and trailer wiring.

Directions say after hooking in the tail lights with the T connections we have to run the power wire for the converter all the way to the front and connect to the battery.

Someone told him to get power from the cigarette/power outlet near the rear of the van. Shorter I guess if we can find the wire.

Question I have is does this power outlet have enough juice to power the converter? No idea how these things work, will that single wire be powering all the tail lights or just the converter?

Specs for the converter:

Turn and Brake Circuits 3 Amps
Tail Light Circuits 6 Amps
Electrical System Type 3W
Output Type 4-Way Flat
Converter Type Circuit Protected and Powered
Installation Time 45 Minutes
UPC 612314561377
Weight 0.9

Anyone ever done this?

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I recommend you run the power wire directly to the battery as instructed.
This adapter is designed to where you don't have to cut any factory wiring, and that's always best.
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I prefer to go directly to the battery and make the trailer light controller independent of the vehicle wiring. I just installed one of those systems on a 2011 Hyundai Genesis. In that car the battery is in the trunk so it was really easy to make both the pos and neg connections directly to the battery. The kit provides a fuse socket and 10 amp fuse so everything will be protected and you bypass all the vehicle wiring.

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