2011 Toyota Camry door panel problem


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2011 Toyota Camry door panel problem

The door panel of my 2011 Toyota Camry has some issue where there is a spot on the top of the panel near the window right where I rest my arm. This didn't bother me until I noticed it is tacky to the tough and I'm not happy about it getting on my shirtsleeve or arm. I guess its possible this was just some sunscreen but I tried wiping it away and it didn't go away.

My question: is there anything I can apply to the door panel to seal it so if the problem is the door panel deteriorating I can stop it from continuing and not worry about it getting on my shirt or arm. Would clear nail polish do the trick or would it make things worse?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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That's usually a vinyl product and doesn't require sealing.

That could be dirt and grime on there that needs to be cleaned.
Two things I found work well.... those anti acne pads (like wipes) and lighter fluid.
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Toyota issues a "warranty enhancement" on melting DASH panels.
That includes your year.
I doubt it's same issue but hey, just in case.

Otherwise, try rubbing alcohol to remove the stain. I bet it's oil from skin build up.
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Can I substitute mineral spirits for the lighter fluid? My children have the anti acne pads and I have mineral spirits but no lighter fluid.
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As a painter, mineral spirits would be my first choice to see if it will clean it.

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