Acceleration Issues


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Acceleration Issues

My 1995 Oldsmobile 88 Royale has 65,267 miles on it. My problem is when I am at a stoplight and need to accelerate, the car jolts and grunts until it gets to speed. Also it shakes going above 55 mph. I can't accelerate unless I press the brake first. In other words I am going 25, and need to go 30. I press the accelerator and car won't accel. If I brake down 10 miles less and then gas up, no problem. Regardless of speed, I need to slow to go faster.
I don't know what is wrong. This is especially troublesome in rush hour traffic on the expressway.
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If I brake down 10 miles less and then gas up, no problem.

Not sure what you mean.
My fear is it's seizing caliper. Go for a ride and then check on wheel temp. If it's scolding hot, there you are. Also, look at rotor. If it's blue tint, it's oveheating.

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