Coolant gauge starts in high range upon start


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Coolant gauge starts in high range upon start

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Hi. Here is a pic of my coolant gauge immediately upon start on my 1996 Ford Escort. The gauge reading will drop down to about 2/3 after driving a while. There is no disconnection under the hood. Should I be replacing the temperature sender? Or maybe the temperature sensor?

Thank you!
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I might be wrong, but am thinking that the sensor and sending unit are the same thing. If so, I'm also thinking that it's a $20-30 part, so would probably give it a shot if for no other reasons than it seems like the most likely problem, and is easier and less costly than tracking down something in the wiring harness or dash so may as well be sure it's in good order first. Before that though, check that the connection to it is good, unplug it, clean the terminals, and reconnect it. If you have the time and desire, you might find the specs for it online someplace, and could set the unit in a pot of water, monitoring the resistance as you heat it. Many moon ago, we would sometimes do that with a suspect thermostat, heat it in water, and see at what temperature it opened. But I doubt they are very expensive, so seems logical to me to just replace it rather than messing around trying to diagnose it.
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Very interesting tips, Pedro! I will make sure that the connections are clean as you suggested. As far as the sensor and sender being the same, I do see that on this car the parts are sold separately. As such, which of the 2 parts would be responsible for this? Thank you!

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