1997 Civic Ex - Flex pipe on exhaust?


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1997 Civic Ex - Flex pipe on exhaust?

Hi folks,

I have a 1997 Civic EX, and my muffler died. Bought a new one, unbolted the old one and bolted the new one on...piece of cake. But I was still getting noise and then noticed there were holes in the "Pipe B" that has the resonator on it. I bought a new "Pipe B", which also allows you to unbolt the old one and bolt on the new one. But my car has a flex pipe in between the "Pipe A" and the catalytic converter, and everything from the cat, to the flex pipe, to the "Pipe B" is welded together instead of bolted. Grr. So do I either need to 1) learn how to weld?, 2) just bring it somewhere to have them weld on the new "Pipe B"?

Attached is a diagram. I guess they didn't even use flex pipes back then because it's not even on here?


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Take the car to a muffler shop. Should not be a big deal.
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I guess I'm just stuck now, right? In other words, I can't really go backwards and make everything "bolt-on" unless I replace the whole thing?
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You could but you'll have to replace practically everything from resonator on. Sort of piece together parts with cramp on ends and U-bolts and such.
You will likely be better off finding a cheap aftermarket entire piece or going to Meineke. They will cut and weld on on the car. Of course, I'd definitely call and find out "if can" and "how much" first. Then it's basic cost comparison.
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