Torx versus triple square?


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Torx versus triple square?

I will soon be doing a DIY brake pad replacement on a BMW. I watched a DIY youtube video on how to do this job & the presenter on 2 occasions uses Torx bits instead of Triple Square bits. On the first occasion he uses a T30 Torx bit & on the second occasion he uses a T45 Torx bit. On both occasions he mentions that the proper bit to use would be a Triple Square but since he does not have the proper size Triple Square the Torx works just fine. I would really like to use the proper bits if possible but I don't know & can't find the equivalent sizes of bits. Does anyone know what size Triple Square bit would be equivalent to a Torx30 & what size Triple Square would be equivalent to a T45 Torx bit? I know I could buy a whole set of Triple Square bits, but since I would only be using 2 bits & only using them once I would rather just buy the 2 bits I would need. I'm guessing that buying only the 2 bits I need as opposed to a whole set of Triple Squares would save me a few bucks. Thanks
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Had to google triple square bit, I had been mechanic 35+ years and never heard of this one. I actually have one in my tool box and only used it a couple of times on VW's. Problem with using Torx over triple square. is there is more of a chance of stripping out the head of bolt. Here are some sets of bits.
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Thanks for your reply. Yes it seems that these Triple Squares are mostly for European cars. I had found that set on Amazon but was hoping to just buy separately, the 2 sizes I will need instead of buying the whole set, being I will likely never need them again. I am hoping I can find the matching Triple Squares to the already mentioned Torx bits & save some dough buy just buying the 2.
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Advanced Auto has a four piece set for $13. You will mostly finds sets at the big auto parts stores but you may find singles at a local auto parts store. The store I go to has them separately.... but on a socket.

AutoCraft 4-piece 12-Point Metric Bit Set AC835: Advance Auto Parts
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Being on a socket is ideal for me but I won't know if any of the four in the set are the right 2 for my situation, or as luck would have it maybe none of the for are the ones I need. I still need to match up the T30 & T45 Torx with the similar/equivalent sized Triple Squares. Thanks for your time.
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In my area, many of the auto parts stores will lend tools. Some you have to buy the tool and then when you return it you get 100% back. Others will lend if you buy the parts there.

Here's a chart that has some simple ways to identify which size triple square bit you need:
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The 10 piece set for 21 bucks is cheap as far as tools go, besides you never know when you might need one of the others as you begin doing more repairs that will come your way.

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