Prius 2009 Cruise Control?


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Prius 2009 Cruise Control?

When I use the cruise control it works good, but the minute I hit a small bump it goes off and I have to reset it. What could be the problem? Thank You
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I would think a loose wire could be the cause.
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Location of possible loose wire, any ideas, Thanks
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Brake pedal switch or brake pedal could need adjusting also. If there is any play in the brake pedal it can bounce when going over a bump and hit the switch just enough to cancel cruise.
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The brake pedal switch is usually the cause of that problem. You could try holding it up with your foot to see it that stops the problem.

Pick one of those out-of-the-way-bumpy roads out there in Pa.
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When did this problem start?

How long have you owned the car?

Many things could be the problem ....
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