Toyota Camry 2007 Side Mirror


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Toyota Camry 2007 Side Mirror

My wife hit a mailbox and destroyed the passenger side mirror . I am planning to replace it myself and have a couple of questions --

1) Do we need to remove the door panel to access the wire connector ?

2) Assuming above is true, can I in stead splice the wires ?

3) I know there are cheap aftermarket mirrors but do you get body colored mirrors too ? Or probably I can take the mirror to a body shop and get it painted ... hopefully cheaper than buying a OEM mirror
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Mirror Replace

This should be helpful:
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I think you'll find almost all the aftermarket mirrors will come in black only. If you find a painted one, it's likely to be pricey. Might check junkyards (aka auto recyclers) to see what's available. Millions of Camrys on the road, so might find a match on an accident car. Ebay would also be a potential source of one painted your color.
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Since it's just a mirror, I'd wet sand it and use a rattle can of matching automotive paint. More than likely you'd need both a can each of color and clear coat. A body shop is also an option but too pricey for me.
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They also sell a "plastic parts adhesion promoter" that works well on plastic parts (duh ), like mirrors. Even with sanding beforehand, I've had some adhesion issues on plastic otherwise.

And if you do rattle-can it, do your prep and paint on the mirror before you install it on the car. You'll save a lot of effort in masking off for overspray and avoid getting environmental flotsam and jetsam in the wet paint. Just make sure you give it enough time to dry before handling.
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do your prep and paint on the mirror before you install it on the car
I assumed that went without saying Besides having to mask off the car, it's a whole lot easier to paint the mirror before it's installed! There will be some angles that will show from inside the car that would be difficult to get full wet coverage on after it's installed.
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Yeah, you'd think. There's a reason I went around with an unpainted mirror for several years...

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