2009 Volvo: faulty A/C


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2009 Volvo: faulty A/C

Hello all,

I have a 2009 Volvo c30. A few months ago, the a/c in was not blowing cold air. I tried recharging it myself but nothing seemed to go in, like it was full already. So I took to the repair shop and he said it had a lot of air in it. They evacuated and recharged it, and the a/c was working again. A couple months later the a/c stopped blowing cold air again. I went back to the repair shop and he said the entire compressor needs to be replaced, that a rock probably hit it.

I did hear a high pitched pop when I was driving once. At the same time, I'm wondering if they did something to cause the compressor to fail. I did check the repair shop online and most reviews say good things about them.

I also found out the a/c compressor clutch tends to be faulty in this car. I'm wondering if that's all that needs to be replaced but they're trying to up sell. I didn't get a good feeling from them, even if the reviews were good.

What do you guys think?
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There really isn't anything they could do to the compressor outside of maybe it being short on oil.

You need to check the 12vdc AT the A/C clutch.
If it's there.... the clutch has electrically failed.
If it's not there.....something in the control circuit is the cause.

There is at least one sensor in the refrigerant line that monitors the pressure. If the system is low the compressor won't get power.

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