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Automotive Recycler (JunkYard) Jargon

Can someone help me.

I'm seriously considering the purchase of a replacement engine for my 2002 Volvo S60.

I think I've located the engine I want to have shipped to me; but haven't yet run a CarFax on it; but I'm trying to get a handle on how it's being described by the Vendor.

I know that the engine has already been removed from the donor vehicle, and it was started and ran without smoke or unusual noises prior to being excised.

When the dismantler describes an engine as RVG, does that mean "Runs Very Good" ?

And AOD; is that a condition, or does it stand for "Automatic Over- Drive", or something else ?

I'm only buying an engine, not a transmission; but the person on the phone says that many of these abbreviations pop up automatically, and they don't know what it means !

By the time I'm finished, I'll know more about the replacement engine that I know about my own engine with 281,000 miles on it.
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Quite honestly, abbreviations can mean just about anything so it is incumbent upon the SELLER to determine EXACTLY what the letters mean and relay that information to the buyer. If the seller cannot verify EXACTLY what the letters mean I would look for another seller.

Many decades ago I thought I wanted to buy a used airplane. I read all the "official" abbreviations used but there was one that appeared in my local advertising on a regular basis that I could never find in the "official" definitions. It would always be a number followed by SMOH. I finally figured it out that it meant the number of hours on the engine Since Major Over Haul. I've never seen that designation in Trade-A-Plane or any other national publication but it is common in the Pacific Northwest.
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In my aviation-fixing days it would have been TSO (time since overhaul) or TSN (time since new).

I agree with Furd, any abbreviations like what you described might be "official" lingo or might be something entirely in-house. Perhaps they have a glossary available to help you wade through the terminologies?
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