pt cruiser steering wobbles back and forth


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pt cruiser steering wobbles back and forth

Hi All,

So I had my PT cruiser ( 2003 and 70k miles) in the shop two weeks ago. Was inspected by a reputable shop and the only issue found was a bad right outer tie rod. They also did a front end alignment as well as it was of a bit. Prior to taking it in, the steering wheel wobble was worse than it is now so it is better. however, I do not usually drive on the thruway with it and usually drive it at speeds below 50mph. There are also two brand new tires that were put on the front about 3 months ago. So I took it on the thruway last week and was up to about 60 mph and its really weird what is happening. Basically the wobble in the steering wheel will be there for about 6-8 seconds then you will slowly feel it disappear and then be gone for about 10 seconds then it will slowly reappear again for the 6-8 seconds then slowly disappear. driving it for the 20 miles that I did it was completely repetitive in nature the whole way. Any ideas what could cause this. Thx
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Low speed wobble usually a tire separation, Most high speed vibrations are tire balance, but a high speed wobble could be almost any loose front end part.. if felt in steering wheel.
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You could have the front tires inspected, rebalanced, and moved to the back. If you still have the same problem it's not the tires it's the front suspension/steering.
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Put the fronts wheels on the rear and see how it feels. As you just put on new tires, it could be a defective tire, not as uncommon as you might think. Worth ruling this out first.

I am suspicious of only one tie rod being replaced, the other one may be worn as well. Even when they do not appear worn on inspection they can still be and can cause intermittent vibration at speed. That's my best guess.

Next on my guess list would be a worn front wheel bearing.

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