PT cruiser ignition cylinder issue


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PT cruiser ignition cylinder issue

Hi All,

Problem with my 2002 pt cruiser so here is a little background. About a year ago this started and has probably only happened about 6-8 times using the car 6 days a week. When you put the key in and try to turn the ignition it is locked and key will not move. the past times have tried both keys I have which didn't work and in the past after wiggling the key and turning the wheel a bit ( steering wheel does not lock when pulling key out) it ultimately would turn after a minute or two of constantly trying. The last time this happened was about 6 months ago and at the time I sprayed wd-40 on the key and lubed the cylinder up. HAsn't happened in about 6 months until this morning. Go in and attempted to turn the key. I tried both my sets with no luck for about 15 minutes of trying and turning steering wheel back and forth and also stepping on brake and wiggling gear shifter. Finally after about 15 min. i was able to to turn the key afetr the last attempt of steeping on brake and wiggling the shifter. Now I have tried it several times and it has no issues. I am wondering if you think this could be the cylinder itself getting worn or something else. I think I can rule out the keys as both do it. I dont know how the cylinder actuate but is it tied into the brake and gear shifter and by wiggling these it let the cylinder finally turn?. I was going to stop by the lock smith on the way home and see if they can put a new cylinder in Which I believe is only like $50 to start but wanted some other ideas. Thx
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Key cylinder

Common problem on the PT, it is a worn key cylinder. I think to remove the cylinder, turn the key to the run position (remove battery negative post first) and use a small allen wrench or thin screwdriver to press the release in a hole directly under the cylinder. Get a new cylinder set up by a locksmith for your original keys, and you are good to go. Don't put WD40 or anything else in the key hole, just gums things up. Use a dry teflon lube if anything. Might be a you tube video or internet instructions on this if you need more visuals to do this.

If the key is stuck, you push in with one hand while tapping on the end of the key and wiggling things about.

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