Pt cruiser rear end noise


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Pt cruiser rear end noise

Hi all,

So i had the 2002 pt cruiser in to the shop a while back and had them check the rear end. There was a loud banging and a lot of bouncing going on with rear wheels. They advised i needed new shocks and springs and also said the stabilizer bar and links and bell crank and watts links were all good and tight. So i changed the springs which looked okay but the shocks were definately shot. After all was complete it solved the bouncing of the back wheels after a bump but still when you are driving even over small holes, bumps etc. It feels like the whole back end is going to drop out of the car. All i can describe as if you had a pickup with a something heavy in the bed and you hit a bump the object bounces up and down a couple times. Not just a single clunk. I made sure the spare tire is good and tight and even took it out to see if the noise changed but it didnt. I swear sometimes it feels like when hitting the bump the backend is moving left to right jerking back and forth a bit. My question is what next to look for being they said everything is tight. I heard the bellcrank watts link could cause clunking but if all is good and tight can it still fail and cause clunking. Any other thoughts. Thx
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Your links bushings are shot and so are stabilizer bar links. You have several long links controlling rear suspension side to side and back/for
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The worn shocks put a lot of stress on the links and bell crank, and bushings in general. So, the bushings are worn based on your described symptoms, despite the mechanic saying things are tight. Sometimes things appear "tight" on inspection but under the huge loads of the cars weight and motion, they are not tight.

The bell crank and watts links as they are called are cheap parts and are an accessible and easy install.

(Also, to rule out really dumb things, take a look yourself to make sure the rear wheel lug nuts on the wheels are tight, and the bolts relating to the new shocks are as well, a general look under the car to see if anything is obviously loose as what you describe sounds pretty severe).

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