Watts link question


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Watts link question

So i crawled under the 2002 pt cruiser and found that the aweful clunking sound in the rear is probably the watts assembly. I moved the body back and forth while watching the watts link and the thing moves all over the place. Watching the bushing where the main bolt goes through it looks like there is a good 1/8" of play and it is making noise. Looking at it it looks like disassembling the main bolt and the two bolts at the end of the links the whole assembly looks like it will drop down. Then i can use a puller to pop the links off while it is on the bench. I am hoping the links are good as they are an extra $100. Anyway to check if the links are good. I am assuming the bushings on the bellcrank are the weakest point. As long as they are straight and they are good and tight in the existing bellcrank would that mean they are in good shape. Thx
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The Bell Crank center bushing is a known weak point. The links are probably ok if they look and feel tight you are likely fine. Many people seem to damage the boots while removing them with the
typical ball joint forks, the puller on a bench is indeed the better way to go. The suspension is a good design, this setup has been used on race cars for ages, so I don't know why the PT one is so failure prone, must be undersized for the stresses involved.

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