2007 Chrysler airbag recall


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2007 Chrysler airbag recall

FCA sent me a recall for the airbag last year ( March 2016) Which was completed by a local dealer. Now I have another notice to do the same thing again. Anybody know what is going on here?
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You can go to the Chrysler site at enter your VIN to check. It could just be they made an error and still have you listed as not having it done. Like I just got a hospital bill from 2 yrs ago due to a computer glitch. It's already been paid. Simple phone call was all it took.

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Same thing here. Have a 2008 Dodge Ram, both airbags have been replaced under separate recalls, and received another notice on the passenger airbag yesterday. Checked the NHTSA and FCA websites last night, and both show no open recalls. Have to take my truck in for some warranty work next week, so will ask then, but they had a LOT of vehicles affected, actually a number of vehicle manufacturer's did, and I suspect that the government may have told them they had to send out another notice to make sure nobody got missed. So I would check with the dealer, but most likely you're already set.
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Airbag recall

I called the number on the recall notice and found out it was the PASSENGER side airbag that they are replacing now. Now I get to get that done too.

Thanks for the link to the site.

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