What kind of fasteners were on my Town and Country?


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What kind of fasteners were on my Town and Country?

I recently replaced the driver's side window motor and regulator on my 2005 Town and Country. The work went smoothly. My question is about the push bolt fasteners that were on the motor from the factory. These would be great for an application at my workplace and I'm trying to figure out what they are called.

They were a two part system.
The first part pushed into the door structure and held in place. It had a hole through its center, maybe 1/4" or so.
The second part was a bolt shaped pin. It didn't have threading though, just ribs that locked into the first part.

I'm wishing I had taken pictures when I had the parts out. I've tried searching the web and I've only found plastic rivets. That's not what these were though and those won't quite work for my application.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Not sure exactly the ones you are describing, but have a general idea. Some that I have seen seemed to be proprietary in that they fit only a select few applications, and were subsequently only available through the parts department at a dealer. But most of the ones I have run into have been common or similar enough that I have gotten them at an auto parts store, generally in small packages on a peg board rack on the wall or one of those revolving ones.

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