Are electronic parts for old VWs still available?


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Are electronic parts for old VWs still available?

I'm considering buying a 2003 VW Golf and my wife called the local VW dealer to arrange for them to look the car over. She was connected to the repair shop and talked to a mechanic who discouraged her from buying the car. According to my wife, he said that we would have problems if any electronic parts go bad. His explanation was that VW no longer manufactures the electronic parts for a car that old. He also said that used parts will not work. By "used" I think he means getting a part from a junk yard.

I can't imagine why the mechanic would have been making this up so my guess is that he was telling the truth. Or is it possible that he was somehow mistaken???
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While I can't answer your question specifically, I once owned a Volkswagen (actually two of them) and I found a mechanic (not a dealer) that specialized in Volkswagen repair. I think that's what you need to look for.
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I don't know if VW still makes parts but I just googled your car and added parts after it. came up with a page of suppliers Here is one from Amazon
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I try to stay away from dealership service depts but I have gotten the feeling that they don't like to work on older vehicles .... not what they are accustomed to along with older vehicles tend to be dirtier/greasier.
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I own a 68 Beetle and have no problem obtaining ANY part.

OEM's dont even produce electrical components, that is where supplier come in.

You have nothing to worry about, that car is not very old!
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Thanks to everyone for your input. Your responses plus the input of two other VW dealership service shops make me feel more positive about buying an older VW. One VW dealer shop said that there probably wouldn't be any problem getting parts. The other one said that getting electronic parts probably won't be a problem, but OEM computer parts might be. He said that after market computer parts should be available but some may not like to use them.

Based on all the input, I think that the mechanic who my wife talked to originally was making the issue sound a lot more serious than it really is.

Thanks again!
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VW said that they will have a part for any VW ever manufactured. You should see their storage facility in Germany. Amazing feast of technology.
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I think that the mechanic who my wife talked to originally was making the issue sound a lot more serious than it really is
Or trying to send some business to the Sales Department.
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Parts ok

Once a car is 15 years old, there is on average about 5% of the total original build number for the year in question still in service. So the OEM manufacturers tend to run out their parts supply as the car approaches 15 years old as the demand for spares typically drops off very quickly after year 15. But the fifth generation of the VW Golf was produced from 2003 to 2009, with relatively minor changes throughout the run, so there should be plenty still on the road and related normal spares demand til about 2024 or so.

Once the 15 years are up, manufacture of new spares are not likely being supported with any consistency by the OEM, but the runout of old stock can take another 5 years or so. OEM parts will be in the system, just might need a bit of creative sourcing as time goes by. Would be good if you had a mechanic who worked on VW and European cars more generally, they would have the requisite parts network. (note this Golf was built in Brazil, it was a global car for VW)

The aftermarket supports high volume cars very well, and the Golf was high volume. And since the Golf is a popular used choice for younger people, the aftermarket has a great opportunity to support this car, indeed more than the typical average of 5% of the fleet after 15 years being in service I note may well be the case for this model. The bigger the initial installed base and longer duration in service percent the bigger the parts opportunity for the suppliers.

Bottom line is you will absolutely be fine for parts.

As an aside, this was an excellent and very practical functional vehicle, hence why it was so popular.

Also, even with newer cars, unusual part failures and the electronics/computers can have a considerable delay to source, even thought they will be available.
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Thanks flatcrank!

It doesn't look like we are going to buy the car--but, who knows maybe the one we buy will be a similar VW. I've never driven a car that was older than about 10 or 12 years, and availability of parts--no matter what the car--has been a concern for me. It's great to know about the 15 year time frame and that OEM parts should still be available for about 5 more years beyond the 15. Thanks again!
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When I was younger I never owned a vehicle that was newer than 10-12 yrs. My pickup is 41 yrs old and most parts are readily available.

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