Anti-rodent spark plug wires


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Anti-rodent spark plug wires

has anyone found some kind of protectors to cover plug wires so rodents cant chew thru them and ruin them??
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There is stainless steel and copper braided sleeve that you can install over the wires.
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you need to get rid of the rodents, if they are chewing the spark plug wires there are other wires under the hood that are just as tasty,
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I agree, getting rid of the rodents would be my first concern!
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I agree with getting rid of the rodents, but, if you're talking field mice and chipmunks for example, I don't believe that it is possible to eliminate them. Minimizing them is certainly possible, by eliminating clutter, keeping grass seed, bird feed, and whatnot in sealed containers, etc. but they're part of nature and are always going to take shelter in the most convenient places. I know several guys who swear by mothballs under the hood to keep them at bay. One buddy has about 40 cars the last I knew, probably over half of them show quality, stored in very nice buildings, but he still has problems with mice and chipmunks sneaking in, and he is a strong advocate for moth balls.
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Tapes, etc.

Honda makes a tape infused with capsicum that is supposed to deter rodents. I think they have it as an OEM offering as they have used soy based wiring coatings that are attracting rodents. Not sure if it can be used on the spark plug wires, can't see why not as it must be rated to withstand the engine temperature environment more generally.

Other rodent deterring sprays using peppermint and cinnamon oils are out there, some find they work, some not so much. Worth a try, would probably need respraying fairly regularly to be effective.
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I agree with Pedro. Mothballs work well. I use them very often to keep vermin and insects out of areas. I routinely keep my shed stocked with moth balls and never have anything inside. Recently we started using mothballs in our cabin. It since then we have had virtually no mice. Works well in the outhouse also.
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I wonder if it would be worthwhile to simply place some of this Critter Ridder product in the engine compartment (in small porous non-flammable bags) for a few weeks to discourage the rodents from visiting that (or those) vehicle to munch on the wiring.

I recognize that the product wouldn't last as long if it were subjected to the heat of a running engine . . . . but I'd imagine that the rodents only enter when the engine is idle. And once you've broken the habit, you should be home free.

I once had a Red Squirrel who somehow developed a taste for the vinyl covering of the cable on my FAX machine and stripped it of several feet of its coating; and Maple Syrup Producers used to be plagued with squirrels who'd eat their vinyl sap pipelines until a chemical additive was added to the vinyl to solve that problem. Now they have to find a cure for Moose and Deer walking through the woods and dragging the tap lines along behind them.
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Mothballs do work for some situations, better for mice than rats, mixed for squirrels, but are not really safe for people either. (i.e. hormone disrupter properties, probably very bad for kids). Would try other approaches, especially keeping rodents out of the storage area through sealing off the entry points. Would use mothballs as a last resort type of solution.
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even though as a mechanic i hate the stuff because it makes everything slippery. spray everything down with silicon spray. used car dealerships use it to make everything shinny and new loking but it also makes everything taste bad to rodents.
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Rodents will chew on more than spark plug wires. They will chew on wire harnesses, hood insulation, carpet, etc. etc. I've been using a rodent "bait" in my gargare (I don't remeber the brand), and blocked off entry points. If you're parking outside, stay away from wooded areas, trash cans and anything else that attacks rodents.
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Anti Rodent

I got some wire covers for a trailer I have to leave outdoors behind my house, (autozone has them) I have also made friends with a neighbors cat. he hides under the car cover over my T-Bird and I don't chase him away!

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