2015 Chevy Equinox: limp mode


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Question 2015 Chevy Equinox: limp mode

I would an opinion on this subject please.
Last year my wife took her 2015 Chevy Equinox to work. When she went to start it to come home it showed flashing ck engine. So she called me and I went there and checked it out.

It started but would only go 20 mph and showed stability off.

I called the local Chevy dealer and he "you can drive it in to us no problem" This would be 20 miles or more.

I had it towed on a flat bed and left.
The next day I received a email with a photo of a message "after removing engine cover it was found a rodent had chewed some wires which it showed on the left of the engine.

My bill was for 13hours labor and 13.60 for the wire loom chewed.

I had talked to people concerning this and they said it sounds like the dealer does not know as much as he should.

Do you think it would take this 13 hours to diagnose this problem.

MY concern is..At what point did they decide to pull the engine cover? I mean it is only 1 bolt and remove the dipstick and lift it off. This is v6 engine. The car had only 8000 miles on it.
Should I trust the dealer again?

Thanks for any feedback
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Welcome to the forums.

it sounds like the dealer does not know as much as he should.
I doubt that very much.

A agree.... 13 hours does sound like an excessive amount of time for that repair but without actually seeing the damage I can only make a guess.

If you are unhappy with the bill.... speak to the service underwriter.
Express your concerns directly to him.
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If the Dealer only had the vehicle for one (1) day, then they must have had multiple mechanics working simultaneously on solving this mystery ?

Around here, it's common to get a discount on highly unusual tasks that haven't been previously dealt with before . . . . where are you located.

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