2007 Honda Accord v6 - Engine Problem


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2007 Honda Accord v6 - Engine Problem

Hi. I have a 2007 Honda Accord v6 with about 120,000 miles on it.

The problem started Thursday night 8/18/17. Engine would not start. Luckily, I discovered the problem while I was in my driveway. When I try to start the car the lights on the dashboard flicker and I would hear a slight tapping sound.

On 8/19/17 I am able, after multiple attempts to start the car. I bring it to garage. They take a look, say that battery, starter and alternator are all ok. Their guess at the time was a poor battery terminal connection. I had tightened them before I brought the car to the garage but I guess they tightened them better because from the morning of 8/19/17 until tonight, 8/23/17, I did not have a problem starting the car. I would take a few short trips everyday with it.

So tonight, the engine wont start again. I cleaned the battery terminals, but that did not help. The lights on the dashboard come on, they seem to flicker, when I turn the ignition key I hear a quick tapping sound. The radio doesnít yet need to be reprogrammed, that happens when the battery is completely disconnected.

What do you think the problem is and how can I fix it? My car insurance offers a jump start service, so if I cant get it started, I could get a jump start in the driveway to at least get me to the garage. But I donít want them to just shrug their shoulders if I take it there.

Thank you for your advice.
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Is it the type of battery where water can be added? I can't count the times that I found batteries with low water.
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Hi. No water can be added to this battery.
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How old is the battery in the car ?

You are going to have to get a volt meter on the battery to check voltages at rest and under load.

If the battery is over 6 yrs old replace it and then see how many problems you have left to deal with
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You had bad battery connection and battery was only partially charged.
As the result, battery is below necessary capacity to produce enough cranking power for starter.
Likely battery is dying also, as it does not like not being properly charged via rusted terminals.
Either jump start from a donor car or find another battery that is good and jump off it. If car starts - it's battery. And terminals.
Got to keep them clean, set properly and snugged well.
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The battery is not delivering sufficient charge to activate the solenoid on the starter. Because the first time round you were able to eventually start it to get it to the garage, that tells me it was not a low battery, as it would never have started, a low battery will not suddenly become charged after multiple start attempts. So the most obvious thing is poor contacts, which you seem to have addressed.

If we give your garage the benefit of the doubt and assume they properly load tested the alternator, battery, let's assume these are ok. Even though it can be hard to truly check a battery like this for an intermittent problem. If your battery is over 5 years old, I would replace it for greater certainty.

So it is probably the starter solenoid on the verge of failure. While this can be repaired, most would just do a rebuilt starter. But again, since your garage said the starter is ok, let's assume they are correct, although again an intermittent problem like a solenoid on the verge of failure presents can be hard to diagnose accurately. But as your car does jump start, that seems to suggest the starter is not the problem, rather it is getting the juice to the starter which is the problem.

So if you want to get a jump start, and off to the garage to ask them to do something different, the ignition starter switch and ignition relay would be the place to look. The parts are noted here in the electrical witch and relay section...reasonable prices and not hard to replace.

2007 HONDA ACCORD 3.0L V6 Parts | RockAuto
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Flatcrank said load test of battery, This is necessary, don't know how many times I have seen battery's check out good on non load tester that were bad. Your problem sounds like a bad battery or intermittent alternator charge. I just had a alternator go bad where the only sign was the anitlock brake light came on until it left me stranded.
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Agreed, if a battery is not load tested, then it is not tested as far as I am concerned. So ask if the garage load tested the battery. Most shops do have a load tester, but it is a fairly big expensive piece of equipment, so not all have one.

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