2005 Scion XB Transmission Leak


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2005 Scion XB Transmission Leak

On our way home from our Labor Day vacation trip my fiance's car start leaking tranny fluid. We noticed it because it was splashing up onto the back window and covering it. We were able to keep topping it off and got it home safely. I got underneath it yesterday, hoping that it was just the trans-filter, but it looks like it's no gonna be that easy. It looks like it is leaking from where the engine and the transmission are bolted together. I have a friend that is going to come over to help me get in there to replace the seal that must be cracked, but we have no idea how to access it easily. Does any body know the steps that we need to complete this repair and be able to list it out for us? I have included a pic of the leak that I took with my phone and a screenshot of a YouTube video that shows the clean spot of where the leak is happening.

So someone mentioned that it might be a cracked housing. Is there a seal in this area or should I be preparing to slap some JB Weld on a crack?

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if your certain about where its leaking from usually just a seal or sometimes a converter will crack and you would need to replace it, other common places to leak would be the axle shaft seals witch would be a lot less labor to fix would consider getting some estimates at some shops.

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