How to fill radiator after a repair

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How to fill radiator after a repair

I have a 2003 Cadillac deville. I have to install a new alternator this weekend. In order to get the old one out I had to remove cooling fans and radiator. I didn't drain the entire radiator only whatever came out when I took the 2 hoses off then We lifted it straight out. So there should be coolant left in the radiator. NOw when I reinstall the radiator and everything I was wondering how to fill back up to correct level.There is no filler cap. ONly a small plastic tank to fill in compartment that has a hose to radiator. Please let me know how to top back up. Thx
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I'd leave the reservoir cap off, fill it, crank it up and add coolant as needed.
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Since there is a hose at the top and the bottom of the radiator.... when you disconnect them the radiator will be just about empty along with what drained from the engine block. You could be looking at 1-2 gallons to refill.
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I don't know about that particular vehicle but sometimes you'll get air bubbles that will need to be worked out. I've always let the vehicle idle for awhile adding coolant as needed. I also like to double check it for the next few days to make sure.
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please check your cooling system for air bleeder. Normally it's a hex recessed into metal pipe bolt. it is always at the system highest point. it is specifically designed to drain air from coolant.
also, when refilling and adding, make sure heater is on full blast and blower is running.
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When I did mine I had the same issue. They said it helps to elevate the front of the vehicle, loosen the top rad hose and just keep dumping into the overflow until it started running out the loosened connection. Then tighten that, continue running the engine and watch and fill as necessary the coolant tank level until it normalizes. Of course, they were basing this on a complete drain flush and fill with a specified amount of water. I was replacing the stat which is down at the bottom of the cooling passages in the engine so it was basically a complete drain. And the overflow is the highest point in the system. And no, no drain petcock or valve and no air bleeder either.

And of course they said watch the tank level over the next few days of driving. A couple of pints low shouldn't make any difference.

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