SUV tire suggestions - 265/70/16


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SUV tire suggestions - 265/70/16

Well, my 2003 Toyota Sequoia finally needs tires again. What I have on it right now are Michelin LTX MS/2, which seemed like decent tires, but when I put those on, I got the tires privately at dealer cost. This is not the case any longer, so I'm going to have to ask my local garage to supply and install them.

I wanted to check in here and see what you all like for some All Season SUV tires in the size 265/70/16. What have you had which you liked? Why?

I greatly appreciate the feedback in advance.
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Since your SUV will likely never see off roading I would recommend more of a road tire. You really cant't get much better then Michelin's for long life and a quiet ride, but you are going to pay for them. I have Bridgestone Dueler H/L's on my truck (2000 Silverado) and they are just fine. They are quiet, black and round.
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your tire is a 17" not 16". And they dont make that tire in your size... You must be talking about another tire. And I think your truck calls for a 65 series not a 70. Perhaps someone put the wrong tires on your truck at one time..

Check the door tag

Either of these you should have IMO

premier ltx
Defender ltx m/s
ltx a/t2

Once we get that info we can offer a proper tire..

Are you trying to save $$$
Or do you want the best? ( Thats subjective)
How heavy do you load the vehicle? People etc.
Do you off road?
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Tires can be a lot to different folks.

Had issues with Brigestones and Firestones in the past.

Right now my brand is Continental. have them on. or will have them on. every car and bike I own, love them!
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They are 16". This was the cloth interior, SR5 model. We don't do any off road stuff. This is my wife's vehicle, and she just drives the kids around, etc.

Here's the door tag:

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I like the bridge stone duellers... alenza plus... 80 k mile tire.. Inexpensive and good reviews..

Its a 112T tires so a bit better then what you have... 148 a tire..

I dont know your budget so you can go either way..

Im also a fan of good year.. I have HP's now, but its a TPC tire... I myself will go to an LT tire after these P rated tires wear out. I tow and want stiffer sidewall and better weight rating..

Good year assurance would be a contender..

price point @ 120 a tire close out michelins here ltx a/t 2

A bit aggressive and good for snow I would think... Less mile rating though. maybe 50 k mile tire?

Post any your interested in and we can critique....
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