2013 Chevy Sonic , no heat


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Exclamation 2013 Chevy Sonic , no heat

Hello, my girlfriend's 2013 Chevy Sonic has heat, but not for long. It gets warm but only stays that way for like 5 mins. Then it's like nothing but cool air coming from the vents. She actually drove the other car this morning due to a frost we had and not being able to get the heat/defrost to work in this car. I checked the coolant and it looked ok, last week anyway.. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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My guess is that it's the water valve located in the heater hose. When they were first used in 70s, a GM mechanic told me to throw them in the garbage & run a straight hose. I never had a problem since. Also, block the vacuum hose.
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Low coolant (this week),
bad/collapsed heater/water hose,
bad heater core,
Bad Thermostat,
bad temp control or board (in dash)

Just a few things to check initially.
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do some googling, looks like low coolant is big issue

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Thanks I did some Googling. Looks like the thermostats go bad also.
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This car has an electric actuated thermostat, and is a common failure item. But it will often make the check engine light go on a throw a P0597 code. As you have not indicated a check engine light on, this might not be the issue. That said, it is a common failure item, and the original plastic housing one has been replaced by an updated metal house part. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/m...hevrolet/sonic

It is really simple to replace, on a cold engine, take off the four bolts, remove the item, you will lose some coolant, replace and fill the missing coolant.

Before you do that (or after) try the following:

When the car is cold, remove the radiator cap. Start the car and let it idle with the cap off, and the heater controls on maximum heat. Rev the engine up and down a bit (not too high, you are just trying to purge air from the system) and keep it on for about 20 minutes. This will get any air out of the system. Top up the coolant for greater certainty, it will probably have gone down a bit as you purged the air, even a little low can cause a problem. This will rule out the coolant level and air intrusion issue. This is the dealer way of filling the system, there is often air in these systems. If you replace the thermostat you do the same procedure.

If heater does not work, you can get the car to operating temperature, with heater controls on full, and feel the inlet and outlet hoses to the heater core. They should both be hot and about the same temperature. This will rule out blockage of the core.

Then do the thermostat, not bad to update it anyways.

It could still be the blend door that controls the heat into the cabin, you would have to fiddle around under the dash, or through the glove box, and see if anything obvious is a problem like a linkage having come off and that sort of thing.
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I guess I should have checked the coolant a little more carefully! Girlfriend took it to the garage and it was low on coolant. I guess it wasn't a wasted trip to the garage as the car was running like crap also and they ordered the part to fix it. Sorry to have wasted your time. Thanks for everything everyone!
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No wasted questions this may help the next person with same problem.

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