Wheel Bearing gone bad again - 2008 Infiniti G35x

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Wheel Bearing gone bad again - 2008 Infiniti G35x

Left Front wheel bearing went at 60k miles, and was replaced under warranty
Right Front bearing went at 80k miles, replaced at dealer

Left Front bearing went again at aprox 120k miles (starting to see a pattern) and replaced at dealer. contacted Infiniti corporate customer relations and they reviewed case and decided not to provide any assistance.

Right front is now gone bad, approx. 150k miles. Haven't taken to dealer yet. I did call Infinity corporate customer relations again and they recommended I buy a new Infiniti.. WTF!!! really? Don't know if the dealer will help me out at all, I do need brakes so may just take it in and ask.

Has anyone heard of such a re-occurrence of wheel bearings going bad? I drive mostly highway (Turnpike and I-195) and rarely drive on poor road surfaces/potholes. I find this to be too much of a coincidence.

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Several things can cause a wheel bearing to go bad, generally it's water intrusion.

Replacement bearings may not be OEM meaning they will have a better chance of going bad than the original.
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This is a fairly heavy car, so the hub bearings may well be undersized from a design standpoint. Wheel bearing failure at the mileage levels noted would not be viewed as that unusual, but is obviously not desirable. But actual driving conditions have a huge impact. My guess is the design is on the edge of engineering thresholds, so no recalls for this as far as I am aware. Most recalls deal predominantly with safety, and bearings fail gradually and give ample indication of their being worn.

Other than potholes and bumpy roads, or hard driving, a wheel slightly out of alignment can be enough to shorten the life. I would get an alignment done after replacing.

More remote potential is the brake rotors are heating up from heavy braking, and the heat soak into the hub can be a problem. Since you are due for brakes, get the dealer OEM brake pad, which tends to work well at lower temperatures, other aftermarket pads and especially performance pads can have a lower grip and harder pedal feel when cold, so people press the brake harder, which heats things up and the brakes work well, but may be heat soaking more than with a less aggressive pad compound.
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sometimes vehicle manufacturers parts are not very good, think I would try aftermarket wheel bearings myself.
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sometimes vehicle manufacturers parts are not very good, think I would try aftermarket
I would have to disagree, the amount of time and effort that is put into the vehicle components vs an aftermarket part is like night and day.

Used to work in the brake group at GM, including bearings, replacement parts never go through the level of testing OEM parts are subjected too.
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Used to think OEM was overpriced, but I have learned over the years it is not so. Many OEM parts are made by the same companies that make the aftermarket alternatives. OEM is no doubt a proper and tested part, with reasonable quality control making the odds of a bad part as low as you can get. The problem is many dealers don't even use OEM parts, and charge prices as if they do. That really bothers me.

For those who can find out who actually makes the part, and then get the aftermarket brand are getting the best value for money. In some cases aftermarket can be higher priced and built better than an OEM or engineered for higher stresses and such.

There is a lot of crap made in China with no quality control at all, and even if there is the raw materials, steel and such, can come from a crap mill that gives flawed raw material to the manufacturer who is otherwise running a good operation. But some China items are amazingly good quality, with prices that are unreal. So is hard to be generalized about all this.

Bearings are amazing engineering, and a consistent quality bearing through a large production run is no small task to make. Not an area to go for the lowest price. FAG, SKF and Timkin are the bearing makers that have good reputations and are OEM and aftermarket suppliers. Nissan is supplied by NSK, the largest bearing maker in Japan. Ask the dealer to see the box of the bearing he is to install, if it not one of these names, it is probably some knock off part from China.

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I wonder if the grease that they use to pack the bearings isn't up to standards.
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I believe many hub bearings are chosen by the manufacturer to do the job but they certainly aren't robust by any means - little headroom.
60k miles - 80k miles would put me off especially on a higher end vehicle but it still isn't that bad.
How long are you planning on keeping the car?

Are you on an Infinity forum? Looks like you are not alone in your bearing issue
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It took GM many years to figure out ball bearings wont hold up as wheel bearings. Now we are back to them and as before they are failing.

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