2001 Dodge Grand Caravan-3.3LT


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2001 Dodge Grand Caravan-3.3LT

This has just started. When i start in morning ow when car is cold it take 2-3 times before it starts.If I try and move it right a way it starts to BUCKS ans shakes. If I do not move it for 10-15 minutes it runs OK.It seems that once it gets warm it runs OK. Any ideas.
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The list would be pretty long, but first if you haven't had it checked for codes do that. Might or might not give you a starting point or clue. One possible culprit could be the coolant temperature sensor (the one that sends to the computer, not the one that sends to your temp gauge). If the computer thinks your engine is warm because of faulty input from sensor, that would cause problems much like you describe. It's a cheap part, so even if no codes would probably be worthwhile trying.
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besides checking for codes an inexpensive scanner can generally give you some data also like checking coolant temp sensor reading, might see about checking fuel pressure also when cold to see if it has full pressure at initial start up or if its slow to build pressure.
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A few ideas:

Sounds like fuel pressure is a problem. Might just be a clogged up fuel filter. The part is cheap but changing it out will cost a couple of hours of shop labor. Not a great do it yourself project.

Could also be a crudded up idle air control valve. This is something you could deal with, you can remove it and clean with carb cleaner or replace it. It is on he throttle body, couple of bolts and an electrical connector, that's all there is to it.

If you turn the key to the accessory position, but not to trigger the starter, and after say 30 seconds, then to the start position, does this make a difference? If it works better, it might be a leaking fuel injector that bleeds off the pressure after the car has sat for a while.
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I would do as flatcrank suggested, but cycle the key on and off 3 times without staring it, waiting 5 seconds or so in the "on" position and then start it. If it starts right up the fuel pressure is probably low. Either from a weak pump, bleeding off injectors, or clogged filter.

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