Crazy Power Steering Problem


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Crazy Power Steering Problem

This is about the same 2001 PT Cruiser, wifey called me at work and said she had to fight the steering wheel to turn on her way to work- ok, I have been filling the power steering fluid reservoir for about 6 months because it has been leaking out. So I filled the reservoir which was low and still no power steering assist, so I left my car at her job and took hers and on the way home I noticed that when I'm not revving the engine, no power assist; when I rev the engine I get power assist back, I have never ran into that before. So does anyone have any idea what is going on, and is it dangerous to drive the car in this condition? Important Facts: no mass fluid escape, so no blown pressure hoses, when I got home the fluid level was the same, what could be causing this and how do I fix it if I can. Thanks For Any Info.
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your pump is going out because you let it get low too many times
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The leak should have been identified and fixed 6 months ago. As noted above the pump likely needs to be replaced - but you still need to find the leak! Everything might be too greasy/dirty to find it now but cleaning it up will help ..... and it's nicer to work on something that is relatively clean.

As long as you have the muscle to manhandle the car without power steering it's not dangerous to drive without it.

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