Battery Tray Screw Hole Too Large


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Battery Tray Screw Hole Too Large

I have a 2001 Grand Am SE and I had purchased a battery hold down bracket with the bolt for GM vehicles. Problem is, someone (possibly the previous owner) replaced the battery tray and the screw hole in it is much wider than the screw I purchased. I was going to screw on the nut from underneath the tray but there isn’t any room to work with. What I need is something that can be placed in and over that hole and that’s the same width as the screw (pictured below). I'm not exactly sure what you would call those screw hole fillers.


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Like a speed nut? Tried copying one of the 'net, but guess that I don't know how so you can give it a shot. They come in various thread and throat sizes and can be purchased at you local auto parts or hardware store.
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Yeah. Something like that.
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Or a "cage nut", just use wiki to look it up. You'll need to find a store that sells the size you need. Grainger or Fastenal would be the best shot if you ave one local.
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Most auto stores carry the speed nuts. Sometimes they're found on HELP cards.

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Anchor option

What you need is called a rubber nut insert. You place it in the whole, the top flange keeps it from falling through, and the bolt draws the rubber up and compresses under the panel to give a firm hold. Put some antiseize in there, so you can get it out in the future as needed.

This place has metric sizes which I have used on a Euro car.
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This is great, guys. Thanks for the help!

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