98 firebird v6


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Question 98 firebird v6

My radiator is frozen up any suggestions on how to help thawing ! Or precaution to take while thawing!
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If it's really frozen solid, you're probably going to have issues when it thaws...like splits in the fins or cracks in the tanks.

Ideally you would want to park it somewhere warm enough to let it thaw slowly. You could also have engine issues if it got that cold, might need new freeze plugs installed. You could cover the engine compartment with a canvass tarp and direct warm (not hot) air up into that area, but you'd need to keep a close eye on it. That's why a conditioned space would be better.
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Welcome. Where are you located? When was the car last driven, and did the heater operate as it should then? How did you determine that the radiator is frozen? Did you run the engine and for how long? Did you have proper coolant in the system? is the car inside? If what you can see in the radiator is frozen, what you can't see in the engine is most likely frozen, so, and I know that you know this so not trying to be a smart aleck, you need a pretty sustainable heat source. If you have one, a tarp over the engine compartment will help (a little bit) to hold in some of the heat, and then you could place a small electric heater under there. But you want to make sure it is located so as to not melt wire cables, hoses, etc., and where melting snow is not going to fall on it. It's been a long time since I have run into that, but be patient and others will be along with thoughts and suggestions.
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Getting the car towed to a warm underground garage or something would be the best way to go.

In any event, if that is not practical, do not try to start the car when things are frozen, you will damage seals and things as no coolant will circulate. Put a hairdryer under the hood of the car pointing toward the radiator (away from fuel lines), close the hood and let a couple of hours go by, point the dryer to the engine block for another hour or so, should thaw things out. Top up the coolant with pure antifreeze, clearly there was not enough in the water anitfreeze mix, so make sure you don't end up with things refreezing.

Quite probable the radiator was damaged, but you might get lucky, depending how thorough the freezing was.

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