Heater blowing cool


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Heater blowing cool

I have a 2007 Ford Escape. The last week it's been colder than normal (Florida 30-40s) and it takes it 5 to 10 minutes for the car to get to normal temp, if it gets there at all.

The heater will blow warm for a few seconds when the engine is at normal temperature, but the car's temp falls almost immediately and begins blowing cold.

I thought maybe it was the thermostat, but everyone I see with same year Escape said the check engine light was putting out a code.

Also, the coolant is fine, no leaks.

Thanks for any insight.
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I'd just about bet you have a stuck open 'stat. Exact same symptoms as on my 2004 Verona...though you are right, I did get a "not reaching operational temp" code, or something similar. But then, mine NEVER got to temp, yours does.
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I would replace the thermostat. Luckily they are relatively inexpensive.

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