2007 Toyota RAV 4 P0137 but only with a full tank of fuel


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2007 Toyota RAV 4 P0137 but only with a full tank of fuel

My stepfather has a 2007 Toyota RAV 4 (Auto Transmission 166,552 Miles Check Engine light is on) that has the Oxygen sensor code "P0137"

(As tested with one of those eBay ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD II code readers and the Android App Torque Pro).

I reset the code and the light will go off but will go back on the next time he fills up the tank (Until the pump stops and he does not top it off).

I have never heard of this happening before with the o2 sensor code. It is usually the EVAP system or the charcoal canister or another part of the EVAP system. The car went through emissions back in December 2017 and passed the test.

Does anyone know what I should do before he decides to start throwing parts at it?


PS: I usually hang around the Electrical and Lighting Forums I think this is my first post in the auto section
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Strange. It would make sense to be a vacuum or purging issue.
If it was drawing fuel directly thru the vacuum system it could make the engine run rich.

You need an idea of the problem before you start throwing parts at it.
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I saw one list of possibles that mentioned low fuel pressure could cause that code, but I can't imagine how a full tank would cause low pressure...just the opposite if anything.

Almost every place (some populated with certified mechanics) suggested pulling it, soaking in a solvent such as SeaFoam (mentioned specifically multiple times) overnight and seeing if the code returns. Not sure how difficult it is to access or any special tools required, but for the price of the part (upwards of $170 for OEM!?) I'd give anything a try before replacement.
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Next time he fills up leave fuel cap off long enough for code to set. If code doesn't set you have a bad cap.
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would suspect just a bad o2 sensor, but how many times has this happened that you cleared the code and the light came back on after filling up with gas, its not uncommon for the light to stay off for awhile after clearing a code just really a good chance that its a coincidence would probably clear the codes and check them again prior to filling the tank even if the light isn't on it may still have a fault stored.

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