Oil Life monitors


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Oil Life monitors

Just throwing this out for comments. I'm actually asking a specific question on the Chevy Traverse Forum, but this came up in discussions.

It seems to be the consensus that (at least GM) has an algorithm for the oil life monitor based on the DEXOS oil. And that if using regular oil or an all syn (Not sure if Dexos is a blend or all syn) the monitoring will not change. It will still assume Dexos oil in use. So my question is, could there be be an algorithm for different oils and should then dealers be aware of if you request a different oil?

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I have never heard of any sensor or setting in a car to detect the type of oil. The ECM sees all the temperatures, rpm's, engine run time, and maybe even fuel flow and torque... and can calculate a wear rate for the oil. I assume that they then base it on the recommended oil grade. If you exceed that grade or use synthetic then you end up changing the oil with more life left in it.
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Well, to maintain warranty, you have to use Dexos or a Dexos licensed brand which must meet the same spec's I assume. There are literally hundreds of brands that meet those specs...so it shouldn't be a problem choosing the one you prefer...Center for Quailty Assurance
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I know it's anecdotal evidence but a buddy of mine sends in the used oil for analysis every time he changes it on his 2007 Ram and has come to the conclusion based on the results of these tests that all commercial engine oils are effectively the same.
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tests that all commercial engine oils are effectively the same.
This doesn't surprise me, especially if driven in the same car by the same person.
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Well, I can tell you I've been using Supertech (Wally World store brand) full synthetic in my wrecker since the last engine change and I'll be passing 300k miles on it next week (the engine; truck has 714k on it).
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Those monitors are no more useful than rigid adherence to changing oil every 5K (or whatever), regardless of type of driving.

It MIGHT be smart enough to "track" your driving style but it still doesn't know if you use dino or synthetic oil, use additives, etc. There ought to be a way to pass the oil over an optical sensor that "sees" how dirty the oil is. I think that would be somewhat of an improvement.

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