battery fill holes


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battery fill holes

I have a lead acid battery from Oreilly. Not one of their prouder products. No surprise. ANyway when you look at the fill holes they have a distinctive taper to them They get smaller as they get deeper. Did they do this on purpose to squeeze out exess fluid when you push down the covers...???Sort of a self leveling feature when you add water,..??
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There shouldn't be enough water/electrolyte in the batter for the caps to push it down. I never really paid any attention to the taper [or lack of one]
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Now that you mention it I recall noticing that on some batteries, and never gave it any thought, so don't know the reason, but shouldn't matters as you only want to get the water over the plates, not into the neck.
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I believe they get smaller as they get deeper to reduce the sloshing up to the caps.
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Yep, as soon as it touches the bottom and forms a meniscus, it's full. Someday I'll buy one of those fancy bottles that cuts off at the proper fill point...someday.

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