05 Lacrosse water in gas

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05 Lacrosse water in gas

A 5 gallon gas can was added to the car that had water in it. My moms bf was trying to empty fuel by jumping fuel pump relay.. Hes doing something wrong. Which fuse should he be jumping?
water has saturated spark plugs as well. Will draining fuel changing the spark plugs and fuel filter be enough to get it running again?
It had to have a nice amount of water in it.. Dry gas and adding 8 extra gallons of fuel didnt help. Will not start with jumper fluid
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I think with most GM cars of this age, you jump at the fuel pump relay. The fuel pump relay should have 5 pins, three on one side and two on the other. You get a thin wire (speaker wire is good), and the objective is to jump between the two pins on the two pin side. You do this by placing the thin wire in the relevant sockets the relay pins go into, and then insert the relay (with the wire still in the socket as well).
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Drain the tank. Water sits at the bottom, that's where the fuel pick up is. Jumping pump you keep putting more water into the fuel system.
After you drained it, add HEET and clean fuel to the tank.

"The best way to remove bad gas from the tank is a process of immediate displacement, siphoning out the old gas while immediately placing high octane gas in the tank as quickly as possible. Depending on the amount of water in the tank, you may want to drain the gas tank and leave it empty for a while so that it can dry out."

When tank is cleared, good gas in, disconnect fuel line to the fuel rail, disable ignition, get a suitable container and make pump run. So that fresh fuel flushes water out of fuel lines.
Remove plugs and take butane torch to them. Hold plug with pliers and burn electrode white. This will clean plugs, no need to buy new ones.

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