Passkey 3/ transponder module parts stolen/ destroyed can't start car!


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Passkey 3/ transponder module parts stolen/ destroyed can't start car!

I have a 2004 Cadillac Deville with the Passkey 3 (RFID) security system. I also have a 1 button remote start and I believe an immobilizer bypass module. One box says DBALL2 with a red/ambr light on top and a button on the side. The other says its a Directed 4x05. I had got into an argument with him while driving and the column gear shifter had been forced in such a way that it cracked the mount that mounted the shifter to the steering column completely in half. The car luckily was still able to shift into all gears. The key can be removed while driving. The key has no longer needed to be in the ignition to run the car and is also not needed to be in the ignition to start the car, but the key did need to be near the ignition to crank the engine. Also the key position would not go into the off position since this incident. About 2 weeks ago someone broke into my car, I think my ex, and completely disassembled, unplugged and ripped out the wiring under the steering column. The passkey3 module that goes on my ignition had all 5 wires ripped out and it looked like some of the electrical components on the board were chipped off... I have tried my best to reassemble all the plugs and wires but cannot get my car back operational. Can someone please help me? I am currently in Texas and not even from this state. I am stranded and without anyone to ask for help or advice... I forgot to mention, when I plugged the passkey3 module in it got hot and started to smoke.

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It sounds like the remote start transponder board was damaged. I don't know how we can help you with that. The DBALL2 is a data interface unit that talks to the car for remote starting. The car should operate without it connected but remote start won't work.

It's pretty hard to help you repair wiring when we don't even know what colors were cut or damaged. The transponder ring in the column has three wires on it. Usually three small thin wires.... orange, yellow and brown.... although they may be different.

Does the car turn over but not start ?
If it's a transponder issue.... I believe the anti-theft light should be flashing.
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