1996 dodge caravan has alot of issues


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1996 dodge caravan has alot of issues

So i have a '96 caravan. Lately its been dropping RPMS when ever the brakes are applied and shuts off. Any one have any idea on why its doing all of these all of a sudden? Im at a loss here.
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Do the brakes seem to be working normally when you step on the brake? Or is the brake hard to push? If so, it could be a vacuum leak in the brake booster.
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Brakes work fine. No issues with pressure or alot of play in them.
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sounds like an idle issue may try cleaning around the throttle plate to see if it helps if you have a check engine light on would probably check codes
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Thanks for that possibility. That will be my first thing to check tomorrow morning. I will update tomorrow.
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Is the torque convertor staying locked up?
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A couple of ideas,

Could be your idle is too high, when braking the computer tells the engine the rpms are too high and retards the ignition. So check if your engine rpm at idle where it is supposed to be.

Or, could be an ignition timing problem, my guess would be the crank or cam position sensor needing replacement.

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