Acura fuel problem


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Acura fuel problem

Hey i am struggling here...any help will be appreciated...99 cl 3.0 v6...kid repeatedly ran the car completley out of gas. Now i have changed filter and injectors annd still the car falls flat on its face once gas pedal is
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have you hooked up a pressure gauge to see if its losing fuel pressure when you press on the gas
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I'd get the kid to fix it .....
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The fuel pump is lubricated and cooled by the gas that it's in. It's possible that the pump has suffered damage from being run dry repeatedly. Also, there is usually a small filter/strainer on the pump itself. Did you check that? Frankly, if some sediment managed to get past the pump filter, there could be a partial blockage many places in the system.

Alan is right, checking the fuel pressure is the best place to start.
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Maybe hood a code reader up and see if any faults are stored. But yes I would check fuel pressure to, spending money and replacing good parts is no good.
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i would check MAF for dirt and make sure the air boot is on right.

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