2004 BMW 325i wont start....PLEASE help!!!!


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2004 BMW 325i wont start....PLEASE help!!!!

I have a2004 BMW 325i. It is a 4 door automatic with a straight 6. It has not run since July 4th and I would really love somebody to tell me what the f**k I am doing wrong!
In a nutshell:
On July 4th i was returning home after a short (15 miles give or take) ride, when I noticed my car was smoking from the defroster vents along the dash. There was also a strong smell of burning plastic. My car then began overheating. I pulled over, waited for it to cool down, and located the problem. Somehow, a piece of my serpentine belt had broken off and got stuck in the fan. Once I removed the piece, I continued home. After driving a few more miles, the belt broke completely and the car began shutting down. It hasn't run since. AND NOT DUE TO LACK OF TRYING ON MY PART!
The first thing I did was buy and install a new serlentine belt. The car would turn over but not start. So I changed the spark plugs, made sure there was plenty of gas, and checked all the fuses (but I didnt check the relays). At that point, i was getting plenty of spark, but no gas seemed to be coming out of the little fuel rail valve when i pressed it.
please, can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong?
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Did the belt break cleanly, or shred? Failed belts can wrap around the crank pulley, push past the seal and you get belt in your engine, timing chain area, etc.. This is not uncommon. This is also bad. Any sign of crud in the engine, typically to diagnose you drain the oil, or ideally take off the oil pan, and see what is in there. You do not want to see grains or chunks of belt rubber.

It could be the belt damaged something when it flung off. Perhaps the crank/cam position sensors themselves or their wires were damaged? Carefully inspect everything in the vicinity of where the belt would fling off and cause a disturbance.

Also note that a belt failing is often caused by a water pump seizing up, or one the of the tensioner bearings. Hope those are ok, but that would not be preventing the car from starting. The belt failing in of itself is not be the cause of the lack of starting.

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