Water stains on new car finish


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Water stains on new car finish

My 2018 Audi, which I purchased new, has pretty bad watermarks on the finish. I noticed this after I had the car in the dealer just after three weeks, and they washed my car for me. They asked me a few questions and then told me it was from my sprinklers, well water. They offered to detail my car and recommended a sealant be applied. I brought car back in for detail and sealant. They first indicated they could put sealant (Zylon -which goes for $1,500) at cost ($700). Before I had a chance to say I wasn’t paying that, they told me that since car was subjected to untreated water, they need to do some other procedure to remove the stains, sounded almost like sandblasting. On my way to dealer now and will find out more details about how much the want to charge me for this.

My questions:
1). Pretty sure going rate for pant sealants is around $100-200 at local body shop. Even at “cost”, $700 is way more than I would spend. Should I take car to body shop for estimate before letting dealer do anything?

2). Dealer never told me to keep car away from sprinklers. If I wash my car at home, it’s same water as sprinklers. Also side of car not exposed to sprinklers has water spots, which I would attribute to rain water. Am I correct in holding them accountable for removing/preventing water marks? Is it reasonable for me to have to pay for a paint sealant to prevent water spots? Car is black, and price tag was around $60k.

Thank you!
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First black car? Black paint shows everything....
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My very first car was black, but bought it used and washed it like every other day. I was 17 years old and it was a 79 T/A. Still have it.

My wifes SUV is black, a 2015 Buick Enclave (bought new) and NEVER had spotting issues. Car is not garaged either and subjected to same sprinklers and other weather conditions.

UPDATE: at dealer now and water marks came out when they detailed car. What is a reasonable price for sealant? Not paying anywhere near $700. Maybe $150?
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It's not so much the water but how the water dries on the paint.

If the car is out in the sun the water will evaporate that the minerals will leave the spots, if you wash and dry the water is removed.

Wow, so the dealer is giving you a at cost $700 deal, sounds almost as good as my dealer wanting $309 to install a battery in my sons car, we did that for $100.
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I would talk to a local car detailer, or even go online and order a sealant to do it yourself. There are tons of products out there. No way I'd pay $700.

And like Marq said, it's about how the water dries. Funny thing, I was testing a few different products on my car. Did half the roof with a sealant, half without. The sealant causes water from rain or morning dew to bead. Pollen, dust and other filth lands on the water beads. The water evaporates, and leaves round dirty marks. The side without the sealant doesn't bead, so the normal dirt lays evenly across the surface. In short, the side with the sealant actually winds up looking worse sometimes.

Now, the sealant does protect the paintwork, and I think it makes cleaning easier. But if you're looking for a way to make the car not ever look dirty, I don't think that a sealant is a magic pill.
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