2000buick/wont start


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Unhappy 2000buick/wont start

have 2000 buick 3.8 has given no trouble. This morning went to start and no go. Cranks over , hits but wont start. HELP!
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Welcome to the forums.

hits but wont start.
Not quite sure what that means.

Is there gas in the tank ?
A 2000 Buick may have anti theft which disables the fuel pump. Usually the theft light would be lit.
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Know anybody with an OBD code reader? Borrow it and see if the car's computer has stored any trouble codes. Harbor Freight has a simple one for around $40.
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I agree, the possibilities are endless. It could be fuel related or electrical.
Out of fuel
bad fuel
fuel pump
fuel filter
etc, etc

Bad computer
bad coil/coil pack
fuse to any of the above
etc etc
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2000buick wont start

Thanks to everyone that sent a thread. The buick only has 69000 miles on it and it is not out of gas. I will get a code reader and try that, but thank you all.
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As noted, a no start is either fuel or ignition related. On the 3.8, the problem tends to be ignition. The coil packs, and crank position sensor are the usual suspects.

Worn out spark plugs where the gap has widened too much can also cause the problem, but usually you would notice the car not running perfectly up to the point of the no start. Did the car run fine up to the no start, ie. no stumbles, or long cranking time to get going before this?

The fuel pump and related pump relay are the other items to look at, but only after ruling out ignition items.

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