Is SAE motor oil still good several years after purchase?

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Is SAE motor oil still good several years after purchase?

I found some old Castrol SAE motor oil in the basement that never got used, one bottle is unopened the other is about half full. These were purchased at least 6 years ago, still usable or toss them?
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it does have a shelf life but it does vary have read up to 5 years I probably would use it myself and not give it a second thought in a vehicle or engine that used oil, really up to you to decide what to do with it.
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I wouldn't drink it but it's probably OK for the lawnmower.
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FWIW...if unopened and stored in a cool dark place, then use it as long a sit meets the specs of the vehicle or appliance.
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I agree with Norm, as long as the quart is un opened and meets the specs of whatever you intend to use it in there shouldn't be any issues no matter how long it's set. I'd just use the opened quart for lubrication [oil can] or add it to several qts of fresh oil.
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5 years

The oil manufacturer has a five year shelf life recomendation, and that longer than that one would need to retest the sample to verify it remains in spec (I can't imagine who would do that, maybe some fleet buyers of bulk product). I suspect the 5 years is conservative, and allows for not knowing how the oil was stored. I would say up to 10 years would probably be fine for oil stored in a reasonably cool dark place. If you are worried, then use the oil but change it out again a bit earlier than otherwise, if anything was breaking down it would be the additive package that might not be as effective as when fresh.

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