strange stuff in my Honda cabin (dust and pollen) filter


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strange stuff in my Honda cabin (dust and pollen) filter

I recently checked the cabin filter in my wife's 2012 Honda CR-V, and was surprised at what I found in it. It had at least 6 or 7 small pieces of dark gray foam-like material about the size of a chocolate chip, and there was a clump of white material about 3 inches long which looks like it might be some kind of insulation. The filter also had about an 8 inch strip of black material which was flat and a half inch wide. I looked inside the filter housing and I saw some additional white clumps hanging down from an area which above where the filter would be positioned. The area is not situated directly above the filter, but towards the end of the filter which would be furthest away from the glove box compartment. Also, in that area there is a horizontal strip of what appears to be a thin layer of foam about a half inch wide. A small section of the strip is missing, apparently due to deterioration. The strip is the same color as the small pieces of foam in the filter. The filter housing is too small for me to get my hands in there.

I'm not an experienced DIYer, but I'd like to try to get in there and see if I can fix it. Any ideas about what is wrong and how hard it might be for a beginner like me to fix it. I've got some pictures I could add to this post, but it seems like you can only post pictures by using a URL and I don't have the pictures on a webpage.

I live in a hot, humid area and my wife often drives with the A/C at the maximum settings. I put in a new cabin filter and my wife has driven the CR-V for a couple of days now, so I will be checking the filter again tonight.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
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best bet is that it is not from the car but carried in from critters.
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could be krud coming into the vehicle from the air, filter is doing what it's intended.

There isnt much distance from the cowl to the filter and most of that is plastic, I;d try to vacuum out, put in a new filter and be on my way.

BTW you can buy those filters on eBay for a couple of bucks, at auto parts store I've seen them as high as $40, pure rip off!
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1. MOLD. Mold builds up very quickly in air vents, if AC is not shut down properly. Then you WILL have black foam like pieces flying out the vents. I lived in TN and AL, I happen to actually know first hand.
2. Bugs and rodents. Especially if you, culturally in this country, eat and drink beverages in the car. It's HUGE attraction to them, free buffet. Remove food source, they will go away.
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Two responses suggest the material could be brought in from rodents or other critters. That never occurred to me. But that might explain how the filter got a hole in it. My wife does sometimes stop at the McDonalds drive-thru, and I've seen an old french fry or two left in the vehicle. My wife is not going to be happy when she hears that her car may be receiving unwelcome visitors at night. I'm going to clean and vacuum it out and put in a new filter as suggested and check it every week.

Thanks a bunch!
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