New rotor doesn't fit hub


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New rotor doesn't fit hub

I bought a set of new rotors and pads from a reputable online vendor for my sedan. One rotor wouldn't fit over the wheel hub but the other was fine (identical part numbers and visually identical). This was my first rotor replacement so I don't have much experience. I assume it was a flawed part so I contacted the vendor and they are shipping a replacement.

What got me curious was the vendor asking a question in the replacement process if the bad part could be repaired by a professional. Could or should I have ground down the opening of the rotor so the hub would fit? It doesn't need much at all (maybe 0.3mm) but it won't fit as is. My concern was that if I didn't grind it evenly, the rotor would be on the hub out of round.

I assume a machine shop could easily open the hole to the proper size (64.1mm) but since I only paid about $80 delivered for the full kit, it doesn't seem worthwhile.

Was I right to get a replacement or should I have modified the bad one? Do I toss the bad one?

- Peter
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qaAre you sure the hub does not have a lot of rust on it. Has the hub been hit with a hammer?If new rotor fits than toss the bad one.
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If the suspect rotor doesn't fit on either hub, the suspect rotor is defective. If the good rotor fits on both hubs. neither hub is bad.
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Excellent reason why it's better to buy from local parts store, could have been resolved in 30 minutes!
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You can only lathe rotor opening. What will cost you more than likely 2 of the new ones to buy, unless you "have a bro" that is turner. DO NOT try to hand grind opening wider.
Otherwise, beelzebob gave you best tip.

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