caravan won't start/ battery and starter good.


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caravan won't start/ battery and starter good.

Went to start. Made one click near dash. Then nothing. No lights, no horn. When I turn on headlights there is a quiet little buzzing noise behind dash.
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Welcome to the forums.

If you are sure the battery is good,,,,, then that sounds like a corroded or loose battery cable.
If you have a meter..... check to the actual battery posts with the headlights on.
If that checks good...... check to the battery wire terminals with the head lights on.
Both should be over 12vDC.
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As PJ said, it's either bad battery or bad power supply between battery and starter. Lights mean nothing. You can run lights off small voltage.
Unless you have bad starter relays, as relays make buzzing noise. but they also make buzzing noise when they do not have enough power supplied to trip solenoid.
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What year/engine/mileage is the van?
How do you know the battery and starter are good?
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Based on the info given, I agree with all the advice so far. All good responses. Cables bad/corroded etc.Check your ground. Make SURE you have a good ground. Disconnect the cables & clean both contact points for each cable connection.
Could be 100 reasons but, I'd certainly start with the advice given so far. Start simple. As noted, start with the battery voltage. Make sure its a good battery.
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Chrysler products with amp gauges are notorious for having loose binding posts on amp gauges which manifests as all kinds of electrical problems even to point of overheating wires and causing fire.
A good check of the binding posts on amp gauge is recommended.

Another issue is the bulkhead plug that goes through firewall of vehicle. Corrosion here can cause the symptoms you are experiencing. All electrical for the vehicle goes through this bulkhead connector on firewall.
I have repaired them by soldering in a jump wire to bypass the corroded connector lug through the firewall to same wire on other side.

Hope this helps.


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